Frequently Asked Questions About Pathway Clubhouse

We’ve had a lot of questions come our way throughout our history! And, on this page, we have compiled answers to the most common questions we hear. Have a question not answered below?

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Q: How do you become a member?
18 or over, resident of Franklin county and have a primary diagnosis of a mental illness.


Q: Where is Pathway Clubhouse located?
A: 1203 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio


Q: Can I get to Pathway Clubhouse using public transportation? 
A: Yes, there is a COTA bus line stop right outside of Pathway’s building accessible to members.


Q: What are Pathway Clubhouse’s business hours?
A: Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm, other events as scheduled.


Q: How long does a Pathway Clubhouse membership last? 
A: A lifetime!


Q: Do I have to look for a job to come to Pathway?
A: No, but staff is ready to support you if/when you choose to look for a job.


Q: How can Pathway Clubhouse staff help me look for/keep my job?
A:  Pathway staff will provide support with job search, interview, orientation and getting started.  We will provide on-going support and advocate for you with employer.  There are also regular meetings where member’s can experience peer support regarding issues that may arise on the job, and celebrate together in regards to promotions, raises, accolades, etc.


Q: What is a work-ordered day?
A: The daily activity of a Clubhouse is organized around a structured system known as the work-ordered day. The work-ordered day is an eight-hour period, typically Monday through Friday, which parallels the typical business hours of the working community where the Clubhouse is located. Members and staff work side by side, as colleagues to perform the work that is important to their community. All of the work in the Clubhouse is for the Clubhouse and not for any outside agency or business. There are no clinical therapies or treatment-oriented programs in the Clubhouse. Members volunteer to participate as they feel ready and according to their individual interests.


Q: Is this to replace my current treatment/case management?
A:   Pathway staff will assist members with issues that come up such as housing, treatment, psychiatric, benefits, etc.  We will also work with your regular case managers or other professionals if you wish.  We can provide referrals and linkage to other services as needed.