Employment & Education

Employment Opportunities With Pathway Clubhouse

As a right of membership, Pathway Clubhouse provides members with job opportunities to return to paid employment in integrated work settings through both Transitional Employment and Supported Employment programs. All members have the opportunity to try a variety of TE & SE Placements if they so desire. Members can go directly into either program or volunteer within the Clubhouse.

Transitional Employment Program

Transitional Employment Placement (TEP) is a unique and essential feature of Clubhouses. TEP positions provide an opportunity for all members to be introduced or reintroduced to employment. Pathway Clubhouse has secured part-time, paid jobs with several local businesses. These job experiences are time-limited and last from 6 to 12 months. Members choose to participate in TEP’s when they think they are ready. These members continue to be a vital part of the Clubhouse during their Transitional Employment work hours and other hours when participating at the Clubhouse. The only requirement for the member to participate is the expressed desire to work.

Supported Employment Program

Pathway’s Support Employment (SE) focuses on developing a ready-to-work mindset, despite any obstacle an individual with mental illness may face. The Clubhouse also assists Members on preparing resumes and completing applications. The jobs members obtain, are their own, for as long as they wish to have them. There is no on-site support at the place of employment for members in this program; all support takes place at the Clubhouse or from within the community.

TEP Dinner & Meeting

Pathway celebrates all members working or interested in working. There is a weekly group held late Monday afternoons. Guest speakers who come from all walks of life are invited to present and educate on various topics related to employment, education and life skills. All members are welcome to attend with a special focus on those working either transitional employment or supported employment and those actively looking for work. Members also have the chance to celebrate their own successes, i.e. getting a raise or promotion or obtaining a permanent position. Members can also support each other during difficult times. After the meeting, members enjoy a delicious dinner prepared at Pathway. Friendships and life-long connections are built during these get-togethers!

Become A Pathway Clubhouse Employer

To our community of Franklin County, we are always looking for new employers with opportunities for our Pathway Clubhouse members! The staff at Pathway works closely with members to guarantee that the job is done well at the sites they work at. Are you interested in employing Pathway Clubhouse members through our Transitional Employment program?

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Our current employment partners:

Gregg R. Lewis Law Firm
Home Depot
Mother Angeline McCrory Manor
REMA Christian Center
Zettler Hardware
Giant Eagle
The P.E.E.R Center
The Awesome Company
Phoenix Home Health Care

The Clubhouse Education Program

Many Clubhouse members have had to interrupt their educational plans because of their mental illness. Some have not finished secondary school, while others had to curtail their university studies. The Clubhouse offers educational opportunities for members to complete or start certificate and degree programs at academic institutions and adult education providers. The Clubhouse also utilizes the talents and skills of members and staff to provide educational opportunities in the Clubhouse, particularly in areas related to literacy.

Art Group & Annual Art Show

Pathway Clubhouse has a long history of involvement and the promotion of artistic expression. Members can enjoy creating their own art and finding inspiration in a variety of ways. In the afternoon, members gather twice a week to draw, paint, work with clay and other special projects. There is an annual event, open to the community, where member art is displayed and sold. On occasion, members’ talents have also been showcased at various festivals and special events. Pathway has had the good fortune to have a professional artist who shares his talent teaching and encouraging members to express themselves.