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Pathway Clubhouse provides a friendly, communal space for adults living with mental illness in Franklin County to participate in the development of social relationships, employment and education opportunities, and community involvement. Using the Clubhouse Model, our psychosocial rehabilitation program hopes to empower its members through participation in new experiences while engaging with fellow members around the Clubhouse.

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The Work-Ordered Day: Working Together, For Each Other

To keep the Clubhouse functioning at full strength, we have established a “work-ordered day” – an eight-hour period, Monday through Friday, that mirrors an average workday and covers the needs of the Clubhouse. Our work is distributed between four different, but equally vital units: Communications, Business, Retail and Food. Members are asked to choose the unit they would like to work in as they promote cohesion within the Clubhouse and rebuild structure within their own lives.

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Education & Employment Opportunities With Pathway

We offer two different employment placement options – Transitional Employment Placement (TEP) and Supported Employment (SE). Both programs are designed to develop a healthy, work-driven mindset and promote personal independence. Each program is unique to the needs and comfort level of the member. TEP is tailored to members who are ready to get acclimated to a more challenging work opportunity. SE is best-suited for those in need of an opportunity that is more conducive to a disability or mental health condition.

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COVID-19 & Our Virtual Clubhouse

The global pandemic has forced us to adapt to the times, but it has also caused us to learn that much of our program’s success isn’t about the physical clubhouse, rather the supportive community we have built together. To continue offering support to our members, Pathway Clubhouse is operating using Zoom and Go2Meeting platforms, in addition to in-person Clubhouse services.

The virtual Clubhouse is a wide variety of online groups that have made it possible for members to socialize online when they are unable to attend the clubhouse in person. It has been especially helpful during COVID-19 times, so much in fact that we are continuing the virtual clubhouse beyond being open again. If you would like more information, any staff or communications unit member can discuss it further with you!

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